Community Solar in Lakewood, Colorado


Mtn Solar 4 Community Solar Garden

A new community solar garden is coming to the City of Lakewood. Community solar is an easy option for businesses, organizations, and municipalities that are looking to benefit from solar energy. Community solar provides the economic and environmental benefits of renewable energy to those who do not own their roof or do not want a solar array on their property.

This 2 megawatt (MW) project owned by Standard Solar and developed by Pivot Energy will produce clean, renewable energy for local residents, non-profits, and municipalities. Solar projects are quiet, do not generate any traffic once construction is complete, have no permanent on-site staff, and have no external lighting.

Mtn Solar 4 Community Solar Garden


How Community Solar Works

Community solar is an option for anyone to gain economic and environmental benefits of solar energy without having to invest in or install a solar array on your property. The solar project is local, yet offsite and connects directly to the local utility. Local organizations and residents subscribe to the community solar project and receive credits off of their monthly utility bill for participation in the program.

Businesses, municipalities, organizations, and residents can subscribe to the community solar project instead of putting solar modules on their roofs. These subscriptions offset the subscribers’ property’s electrical usage with solar energy, by sending solar energy generated by the solar project directly to the power grid. Additionally, the subscriber receives solar credits from the utility for the energy that is produced by the off-site solar array. The solar credits reduce the subscribers’ overall utility bill, saving them money.

How Community Solar Works


Solar + Pollinator Habitat

The land below the community solar garden will be seeded with a pollinator-friendly grass mix. The meadow seed mix will introduce local grasses and wildflowers underneath and around the solar panels. This will enrich the soil beneath the panels, create pollinator habitat, increase biodiversity, and provide the local community with long-term environmental benefits.


Community Solar Resources

How Community Solar Works

Community solar, or shared solar, provides the economic and environmental benefits of renewable energy to anyone who wants to participate in a renewable energy program without having to install solar on your roof. This means anyone who wants to participate in a solar program can, without having to worry about upfront costs, homeownership, or roof quality.

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Subscribe to Community Solar

Community solar is the easiest way to support locally produced, renewable energy. The process is simple. Click the link below to follow the step-by-step process to become a subscriber! With Pivot Community Solar, you: save money on your electricity bills, never have to worry about installation or maintenance, support the environment, and never pay a premium.

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Pivot is a national solar provider that develops, finances, builds, and manages solar energy and energy storage projects that help decarbonize our nation’s electricity, increase equitable access to clean energy for local communities, and provide real cost-savings to American businesses and families. We are a national leading community solar developer and Colorado’s largest community solar provider, currently operating in 8 states with a total of 60 MW completed and over 400 MW in development.


Standard Solar has developed, delivered, funded, acquired and currently operates more than 175 commercial and community solar and solar + storage projects around the U.S. The company funds community solar projects that make it possible for individuals, government entities, schools, businesses and more to purchase renewable solar energy. Standard Solar will finance, own, and maintain the 2 MW community solar project in the city of Lakewood.

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